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18. svibnja 2007

Jack Welch for the president of the World Bank (updated)

autora/ice cronomy

    Ok, first of all, this post is both in English (1st part) and Croatian (2nd) (Added on Saturday) For my Croatian readers if you don’t want to read in english just scroll down and read in croatian. I decided to do it this way because I want to put my 2 cents about the WB and Wolfowitz and more about the issue beyond the artificially created scandal, not just write about the news. I don’t think Bozo the Clown is really the right choice for what is primarily a management crisis. A good place to follow the latest developments in the news and blogs together is Sphere website. Later, I write in Croatian to explain a bit more and broaden the news about the World Bank & Wolfowitz case, as the Croatian media coverage about it is lacking any detail or plain dumb. So the context of both is different.

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