Graf – Svjetska upotreba gnojiva (vezano uz PTKM)

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Raspisao sam se o Petrokemiji i gnojivu više nego obično o nekoj Hr kompaniji. (Jednostavnom u tome primjeru vidim dobar primjer blesavog državnog uplitanja.) No, vezano uz ta pisanja, evo zanimljivog grafa iz NYT članka o svjetskoj nestašici umjetnog gnojiva.

….In the United States, farmers in Iowa eager to replenish nutrients in the soil have increased the age-old practice of spreading hog manure on fields. In India, the cost of subsidizing fertilizer for farmers has soared, leading to political dispute. And in Africa, plans to stave off hunger by increasing crop yields are suddenly in jeopardy.

The squeeze on the supply of fertilizer has been building for roughly five years. Rising demand for food and biofuels prompted farmers everywhere to plant more crops. As demand grew, the fertilizer mines and factories of the world proved unable to keep up….

….Fertilizer companies are confident the shortage will be solved eventually, noting that they plan to build scores of new factories. But that will probably create fresh problems in the long run as the world grows more dependent on fossil fuels to produce chemical fertilizers. Intensified use of such fertilizers is certain to mean greater pollution of waterways, too.

Agriculture and development experts say the world has few alternatives to its growing dependence on fertilizer. As population increases and a rising global middle class demands more food, fertilizer is among the most effective strategies to increase crop yields.

…“Putting fertilizer on the ground on a one-acre plot can, in typical cases, raise an extra ton of output,” said Jeffrey D. Sachs, the Columbia University economist who has focused on eradicating poverty. “That’s the difference between life and death.”

…..As the use of such fertilizer spread, it was accompanied by improved plant varieties and greater mechanization. From 1900 to 2000, worldwide food production jumped by 600 percent. Scientists said that increase was the fundamental reason world population was able to rise to about 6.7 billion today from 1.7 billion in 1900.

Vaclav Smil, a professor at the University of Manitoba, calculates that without nitrogen fertilizer, there would be insufficient food for 40 percent of the world’s population, at least based on today’s diets.

Da li će PTKM imati izvozne koristi zbog ovakvog tight tržišta? Koliki je izvozni/proizvodni kapacitet? Da li je dugoročno narušen zbog državnog uplitanja u reguliranje cijena i alokacije dobiti? Cijeli opširniji članak, kao naručen, o nestašici gnojiva koja podiže cijenu možete vidjeti ovdje. Uz njega je i kratki video, no morate biti registrirani. (Ne preplaceni.) (DirectLink za graf)


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  1. Without chemical fertilizer, the game is over.

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